JP EN いちがつのめにう Cooking in January.



This is a bowl of rice porridge with grated Japanese radish.It was made with a recipe by a Japanese famous food coordinator who I really respect.


I made three dishes..... mizuna, Japanese potherb, and butter peanuts salad. boiled potato with fermented tuna entrails.stir-fried hakusai, chinese cabbage, pork,chinese starch noodle with szechwan picklers.


Tonight, I made a bowl of soup made from Japanese radish, beef,carrot, celery and Chinese cabbage. And onion pickled with curry.


A fish cuisine I posted previously. Pickled gizzard with soy sauce and Japanese sake I made a week ago. Today I made potherb mustard dressed with Japanese seven dried and ground flavors. The rests, a cup of soup and onion curry taste pickled, are dishes I made yesterday. These dishes are my tonight's dinner I prepared for myself. 


This day, I made these dishes. A canned salmon with miso, butter, mushroom and scallion. Stirred natto beans with Anchovy.


Many clients offered us  to renovate or maintain their homes. So I need to estimate for these and I do it at home at recent.  This day, Green Thailand curry with somen Japanese noodle was my dinner I made instantly.


finished estimating at last ! dinner with Musica Popular Brasileir.
sticky dressed with pickled shallot, avocado, tuna pickled with soy sauce, natto beans, toasted nori laver. light fried potato and chicken with rosemary.


Still continue to estimate tonight too…. Udon with sauce made of tofu, toasted sesame seeds, korean hot miso and chicken soup stock. it’s delicious ! but my estimating..


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