Here is jinai-machi town in Tondabayashi city, south part of Osaka. This area preserve old Japanese scenery and atmosphere. I visited a customer of mine, who lives in old traditional big house, to have meeting to maintain his house.


One of renovation sites, it is in the south of Kyoto, was just finished to renovate last Monday. The owner moved back here to live more comfortably!


In the north east of Osaka, we had the final inspection of construction quality at one of our construction sites of Japanese traditional houses.

Today, I went to central Osaka to have a meeting with the owner of this building.

I went to a Japanese traditional house my friend has been renovating by himself yesterday. I ate a piece of hot sandwich made with Wood stove there.



JP EN いちがつのめにう Cooking in January.



This is a bowl of rice porridge with grated Japanese radish.It was made with a recipe by a Japanese famous food coordinator who I really respect.


I made three dishes..... mizuna, Japanese potherb, and butter peanuts salad. boiled potato with fermented tuna entrails.stir-fried hakusai, chinese cabbage, pork,chinese starch noodle with szechwan picklers.


Tonight, I made a bowl of soup made from Japanese radish, beef,carrot, celery and Chinese cabbage. And onion pickled with curry.


A fish cuisine I posted previously. Pickled gizzard with soy sauce and Japanese sake I made a week ago. Today I made potherb mustard dressed with Japanese seven dried and ground flavors. The rests, a cup of soup and onion curry taste pickled, are dishes I made yesterday. These dishes are my tonight's dinner I prepared for myself. 


This day, I made these dishes. A canned salmon with miso, butter, mushroom and scallion. Stirred natto beans with Anchovy.


Many clients offered us  to renovate or maintain their homes. So I need to estimate for these and I do it at home at recent.  This day, Green Thailand curry with somen Japanese noodle was my dinner I made instantly.


finished estimating at last ! dinner with Musica Popular Brasileir.
sticky dressed with pickled shallot, avocado, tuna pickled with soy sauce, natto beans, toasted nori laver. light fried potato and chicken with rosemary.


Still continue to estimate tonight too…. Udon with sauce made of tofu, toasted sesame seeds, korean hot miso and chicken soup stock. it’s delicious ! but my estimating..



【JP,EN】富田林からウクライナ。From Tondabayashi to Ukraine.


In the beginning of this week, we had a meeting with one of my customer families at their construction site. This house was originally built about 30years ago. They purchased it recently and decided to renovate it. Now, We aide them to make their new home!


On, next day,  I visited Tondabayashi city again. But I was in Jinai-machi town. This area preserves old Japanese scenery and atmosphere well.  I had a meeting a customer of ours, who lives in old traditional big house here.


On the other day. This is an antique Ukrainian bathtub, one of my new clients showed us when we had discussed on the renovation construction for their house.


【Jp, En】南河内 お寺さんでの工事


Here is one of the oldest temples in Japan (located in the south part of Osaka). We had been renovating one of temple buildings and had been newly building restrooms with traditional Japanese way. This constructions required about one year to finish.


【Jp,En】長岡京市・築40年と富田林市・築30年 共にフルリノベーション


This is a 40 years old house in Kyoto. Our renovation construction will be finished soon.  Plaster walls construction was just finished. They don't become enough dry, so the color of wall isn't uneven.
Today, the owner of this house came to check around.


This is one of our company's renovation construction sites in Tondabayashi city, around south part of Osaka. The owner purchased a second hand house and ordered us to design and renovate it. We design to make gap of ceiling. It will have habitants feel comfortable.





This is a photo of our latest work, which is located in Sakai city, Osaka Pref. It was originally built about 120 years ago. There is the fascinating beauty of old and new material. We respect the matured beauty by passed time. It is the most biggest our standard to select materials to built or renovate houses.


face book より「ぬくもり収穫祭(2013年11月)」

【jp, fr, en】


Beaucoup de gens sont venu a mon office a participer le fete de harvest hier.

Yesterday, the harvest party opened at my office. huge numbers of guest came and enjoyed. Sunny, moderate temperature, wood stoves, garden, nice foods, tasty coffee and tea, curry, handmade jewelries, desserts, celtic live music show etc etc. Everything was harmonized. Perfect!